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IT-DAY Question Guide: Questions to ask at a Career fair

In Denmark's IT sector, companies are in a race to find qualified candidates. If you're an IT student or job seeker, the ball is in your court. Here is the questions you should ask to ensure that you get enough insight into your future potential workplace.

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Introduction: You're in Demand, Make It Count

In Denmark's IT landscape, there's a high demand for skilled candidates and not enough supply. That means if you're attending an IT-Career fair as a student or job seeker, you're the hot commodity. Companies are vying for your attention and skills, and you have the upper hand. But how do you use this to your advantage? You ask the right questions. Here's your guide to steering conversations in your favor. We have created this list of questions to ask at a Career fair.

Questions to ask at a Career fair If You're Talking to a Manager

You're in the unique position to be selective. Managers are keen to attract talent like you, so focus on questions that help you evaluate the company:

  • Current Projects: "What exciting projects are on your roadmap?"

  • Team Autonomy: "How much freedom do teams have in decision-making?"

  • Tech Stack: "Are you open to exploring new technologies?"

  • Remote Work: "What's your stance on remote work and flexibility?"

  • Skill Development: "How do you support continuous learning and upskilling?"

  • Team Culture: "Can you describe your team's work environment?"

  • Peer Learning: "Is mentorship or peer learning a part of your culture?"

  • Growth Opportunities: "How do internal promotions or role changes work here?"

  • Follow-Up: "Mind if I reach out on LinkedIn to keep the conversation going?"

  • Coffee Chat: "Would you have time for a coffee chat to explore potential fit?"

Questions to ask at a Career fair If You're Talking to an Employee

Employees will give you the lowdown on the day-to-day. Tailor your questions to uncover insights that matter to you:

  • Role Flexibility: "Is there flexibility in choosing projects or roles?"

  • Skill Usage: "What skills have you gained or honed here?"

  • Team Dynamics: "How collaborative is the work environment?"

  • Work-Life Balance: "How does the company support work-life balance?"

  • Personal Growth: "Have you had opportunities for career growth?"

  • Role Challenges: "What challenges have you encountered and how did you overcome them?"

  • Best Job Aspect: "What keeps you excited about your job here?"

  • Joining Tips: "Any insider tips for someone looking to excel here?"

Pro Tips: How to Stand Out

  1. Research Companies: Know a bit about the companies you're interested in.

  2. Be Clear: Know what you're looking for. Is it an internship, part-time job, or full-time role?

  3. Follow Up: Always send a thank-you note or a LinkedIn message after the fair.

Wrapping Up

You're in a unique position where you have the luxury to be selective. Use this to your advantage by asking questions that will help you find a role that's not just a job, but the right fit for you. And remember, the aim isn't to leave with a job offer; it's to leave with enough information to decide whether you want to take an offer should it come your way.


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