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Gear Up for IT-DAY 2024 Company Registration: Connecting Companies with Denmark’s IT Talent

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We will be opening company registrations the 29th of April at 10AM

Picture of the fair

We're buzzing with excitement and hope you are too. On the 29th of August, we're opening the company registration for IT-DAY 2024, and we genuinely believe it's going to be something special.

Why IT-DAY 2024 Matters to Companies:

If you're a company striving to find the right talent, IT-DAY 2024 is the place to be. We aim to create a friendly, engaging space where businesses can connect with Denmark's IT talent pool. Whether you're seeking:

  • Bright IT-Students for internships or student positions, ready to bring fresh ideas and energy to your projects.

  • Skilled IT-Graduates aiming to embark on their professional journeys.

  • Or experienced tech folks keen on finding new challenges and roles.

We're committed to ensuring you meet the talent that matches your vision.

More Than Just Recruitment now - an investment in the future:

While hiring is essential, we understand that building a brand presence is equally crucial. IT-DAY 2024 offers a chance for businesses to share their stories, cultures, and visions with potential candidates. It's not just about displaying vacancies but letting the community understand what makes your company unique and becoming top-of-mind for years to come.

Collaborations & Beyond:

Apart from the usual roles, companies can also explore potential project collaborations. Engage with a diverse group of IT enthusiasts, and you never know which partnership might lead to the next big thing.

Why Join Us?

While IT-DAY has grown to be Denmark's largest IT-Career fair, we stay grounded. For us, it's always been about community, connections, and bringing people together. It's this spirit that drives us year after year. So, on the 29th of August, come join us—not just as boothholders but as contributors to Denmark's vibrant IT landscape.

About IT-DAY:

We're more than just a career fair. IT-DAY is a celebration of technology, talent, and togetherness in Denmark. Stick around on our website and social channels for updates, and let's create something impactful together.

Be ready to grab a booth the 29th of April on our “For Companies” page - the website will be live at exactly 10AM - fill out the form and send it our way.

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