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IT-DAY Aalborg 2024

About IT-DAY Aalborg

Welcome to IT-DAY Aalborg - Denmark's largest IT-Career fair. Here IT students, IT graduates and anyone else interested in working in the IT sector can;

  • Meet 50+ of the most awesome companies within IT i Denmark

  • Connect with professionals who have the IT jobs you aspire to in the future.

  • Experience keynote presentations about frontier technology topics

  • Watch fast paced hyper presentations where companies has 1 minute to pitch themselves in front of the participating IT candidates

  • Find IT opportunities such as student jobs, full time jobs, project collaborations, internships, graduate positions and more.

  • Explore the diverse technologies that the companies will bring to the fair

  • Win unique prizes. 

And most important of all - participating is free. 

Aalborg - April 24th| 10:00 - 15:00

Who we are

IT-DAY was created in 2019 by IT students at Aalborg University who wished to create awesome events for our fellow students. 


Today IT-DAY is still run by a majority of IT students and a few recent IT graduates and operates in Aalborg, Odense and Copenhagen.

Practical information:

  • What: IT-DAY, Denmark's largest IT-Career fair

  • When: April 24th 2024 from 10:00-15:00

  • Where: Create, AAU - Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg

  • Who: For everyone who want's to work in IT/Tech. For IT-Students and IT-Graduates of AAU, UCN, AU, Tech College, EAAA, VIA - and any other IT-interested parties.

  • How: Grab a free ticket through the red button below


​The IT Career fair is open from 10:00-15:00. Here you can visit the companies booths and attend hyper presentations and keynotes throughout the day.

  • 10:00 IT-DAY 2024 Opens

  • 10:30-11:10 Hyper Presentations from 30 companies

  • 13:00-13:30 Keynote from The European Space Agency

  • 15:00 IT-DAY 2024 Closes

Companies Participating in IT-DAY Aalborg 2024

 - More will be joining every week -

Presentations at IT-DAY

IT-DAY Copenhagen Hyper presentations.jpg

Hyper Presentations from 30 companies

30 companies will have 1 minute each to tell you why they are at IT-DAY, what they are looking for, what epic tech they are working on, which competitions they have brought and anything else you can imagine. We have given them free reign to talk about whatever they want.

It's going to be chaotic and thrilling and it is a great way to gain insight into many companies in a short span of time.

Explore your future the Space Industry

A Keynote from the European Space Agency

What could possibly be a more exotic keynote presentation from the European Space Agency? Yes, representatives from the ESA are flying to Aalborg to talk to you about Space Exploration, Mapping the Universe, the Dark Universe, Space Travel, ESA’s visions for the future, their current technological projects, and more. They will also talk about how you as a student can get Entry-level programmes, project collaborations, internships and potential jobs at ESA. ESA needs students from a wide range of disciplines to help them with the key role that IT/tech plays in all of ESA’s activities.

Presented by:

Florian Renk

Head of Mission Analysis

European Space Agency - ESA

ESA Keynote Aalborg.png

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IT-DAY?

IT-DAY is Denmark's largest IT career fair, organized three times a year in Aalborg, Odense, and Copenhagen. It aims to connect IT candidates including students, graduates, and job seekers with leading companies looking for their workforce of tomorrow, offering various opportunities in the IT sector

When and where are the IT-DAY events held?

The IT-DAY events are held three times a year in the cities of Aalborg, Odense, and Copenhagen in March and April. Please check our website or subscribe to our newsletter for detailed information on dates and venues.

Who can participate in IT-DAY?

IT students, IT graduates, and individuals seeking employment in, or more knowledge about, the IT sector in Denmark are encouraged to participate.

Is there a registration fee?

The event is free for participants. Exhibitors and other stakeholders interested in participating can find information on registration fees on our website.

What should I bring to the event?

Your curiosity and questions. Check out our Blog here for more info about how you can prepare your participation.

What companies will be exhibiting/attending?

A diverse range of companies from the IT sector will be attending. A full list of participating companies will be available on our website closer to the date of each event.

What kind of opportunities are available?

Opportunities include student jobs, internships, graduate positions, full-time jobs, and project collaborations. You'll have the chance to explore and discuss these opportunities directly with company representatives during the event.

Will there be opportunities for networking?

Absolutely, the IT-DAY event is designed to foster networking. You'll be able to meet industry professionals, company representatives, and fellow candidates, expanding your professional network.

Venue location

Address: Rendsburggade 14, 9000 Aalborg - Create AAU

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