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About IT-DAY

During IT-DAY a bridge is built between students and companies and together we celebrate the current technological state of the world. At IT-DAY some of the largest companies in IT and general tech, worldwide, will bring the frontier of IT. IT-DAY will be held i Aalborg and Odense.

At IT-DAY you'll have a unique chance to experience the virtual and physical creations from top IT companies, get amazing insight in the ever-changing development of Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence as well as network until all of your questions has been answered.

Virtual and physical creations? More specifically, there will be full immersion Virtual Reality rooms, Holograms, Tesla Suits, Brain Stimulators, Augmented Reality, Smartsuits and much, much more!

This IT-fair sets out to elevate what fairs are really all about. That the right people meet each other. By solely focusing on IT companies and students IT-DAY narrows the scope enabling more meaningful interactions.  

You have probably heard about most of the above-mentioned companies - but there is so much technology out there - maybe you'll discover something new? 

To ensure that the day is dynamic and exciting, handpicked individuals, from incredible companies, will host keynote presentations about frontier technology topics. Moreover, 30 participating companies will host a hyper presentation of 1-minute each to incite the students' interest in visiting the company booths and to create a unique atmosphere.


Meet The Team

Tammi Lyngaa


SoMe and Communication

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B.Sc. In Communication and Digital Media

Alexander Pedersen

Co-Founder & Head Coordinator 

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M.Sc. in IT-Management

+45 2046 8860

Patrick Damborg

Business Relations

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M.Sc. in IT-Management

Anders Krigslund

Video Graphic designer

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M.Sc. in International Business Economics

Maiken Marie Nielsen

Marketing Coordinator

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B.Sc. in Organisational Learning

Mathias Dam Røn Jensen


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UCN Event Management

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