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At IT-DAY, we offer exciting opportunities for companies and IT-Candidates (IT students, IT-Graduates, and job seekers within the IT sector) through our range of services such as our company events, IT-Recruitment, our Job Portal, our customized marketing campaigns and our Job Accelerator.

However, our main service is facilitating Denmark’s largest IT-Career fairs. Hosted annually (in March and April) in Aalborg, Odense, and Copenhagen, the IT-DAY IT-Career fairs serve as a meeting ground for aspiring IT-Candidates to connect with potential employers and discover the latest industry trends. Simultaneously, companies can interact with a large talent pool, showcase their businesses, and recruit suitable candidates.


Current and previous participating companies


About IT-DAY

This IT fair is designed to redefine what fairs are truly about: ensuring the right people meet each other. By focusing exclusively on IT students, IT- Graduates, and job seekers within the IT-Sector, we narrow the scope to foster more meaningful interactions for both the participating companies and IT-Candidates.

IT-Candidates have the opportunity to experience virtual and physical innovations from top IT companies, gain remarkable insights into the rapidly evolving world of technologies such as cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, and network until all of their questions are answered. They can also secure student jobs, project collaborations, internships, graduate positions, or full-time employment.

Companies can interact with IT candidates concerning project collaborations, internships, graduate positions, and jobs. Moreover, they can learn about different educational backgrounds and understand what they involve. Finally, companies have the chance to showcase the exciting technologies they work with every day, positioning themselves at the forefront of the IT candidates' minds.

To ensure a dynamic and exciting event, handpicked representatives from outstanding companies will host keynote presentations on frontier technology topics. Furthermore, 30 participating companies will deliver one-minute hyper presentations each, stimulating students' interest in visiting company booths and creating a unique atmosphere.

Our most recent series of fairs - IT-DAY 2023:

IT-DAY was physically hosted in Aalborg, Odense, and Copenhagen in March and April 2023. The three IT fairs were immensely successful, garnering significant interest and support from both participating companies and IT candidates.

In 2023, we saw the following turnout:

  • 2.528 participating IT candidates

  • 100 participating companies

  • 2.167.765 marketing impressions


We eagerly look forward to repeating this success in 2024.