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How to research before a career fair

At a job fair like IT-Day, it is crucial that you research in advance if you want to get the most out of the day. Learn how right here.

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The Value of researching before a career fair

Considering attending IT-Day? Researching before a career fair can be invaluable. Start by going through the event schedule and jotting down the companies you're keen on engaging with. Just like picking acts at the Roskilde Festival, you can't see everything, so making choices is essential. Utilizing your time efficiently ensures you meet with all the companies you aim to talk to. How do you know which companies to approach and what topics to bring up? That's where pre-event research comes in handy.

Begin with the Web

Start your research online. Company websites, social media pages, and even a quick Google search can give you a good sense of what each company is about. The "About Us" section is often particularly enlightening, highlighting the company's goals, vision, and core values. This will help you gauge if a company aligns with your interests during the event.

Explore Various Roles

Even if you're not actively seeking a job right now, you're probably considering various career opportunities. Here's how to explore roles that could be a good fit for you:

  1. Visit the company's website to check for a list of employees along with short bios detailing their roles and skills.

  2. Look up the company on LinkedIn and browse through profiles of current and former employees. Don't worry if they see you've visited; it's generally understood as research.

  3. Use Jobindex and its archive feature to discover what job openings the company has posted over the last year.

Find Out Who's Participating

Once you have a handle on what the company is about and whether they might have openings that suit your profile, it's time to see who will be representing them at the fair. Check the event program for names and titles. Talking to a CEO lets you discuss the company's big projects and overall vision, as well as job opportunities. On the other hand, chatting with a Full Stack Developer will give you insights into day-to-day tasks, required skills, and the company's work culture.

Be open to new opportunities

It's unlikely you'll be able to research every company, and sometimes hidden opportunities can lead to your dream job. This is especially true if you're still figuring out your career path. So we strongly recommend talking to as many companies as possible to maximize your chances of discovering something new.


Doing your homework before attending IT-DAY can make a significant difference in your experience. It boosts your confidence and helps you have more meaningful conversations with potential employers. So put in the time to prepare; it'll be well worth it.

Happy hunting!


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