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Welcome to IT-DAY Job Accelerator! Just starting your journey in IT? We're here to help you take that first, crucial step towards your dream job. By filling out our simple form, you allow top IT recruiters to see your educational background and career preferences. No logins, no fuss—just a seamless path to get noticed by industry leaders.

The Process: Recruiters browse our database to discover IT-profiles like you. Each recruiter can only reach out to you once each semester. Yet, multiple recruiters from different organizations can reach out to you, expanding your range of opportunities.

As a student, this is a prime chance to make your first move in the IT field. Companies will get in touch directly via email, keeping you effortlessly informed. Plus, rest easy knowing your email is kept hidden from company recruiters until you decide to respond to their initial message.

Want to leave? No hard feelings. Send us a quick message to opt-out, and you're off the platform.

Take your first step in the IT world with confidence. Fill out our form now and open the door to a world of opportunities.


Join IT-DAY Job Accelerator to effortlessly get noticed by top IT recruiters. Fill out one simple form, and you're in. Recruiters can contact you once per semester, but you can be reached by multiple companies. Your email stays hidden until you reply. Want out? Just message us. Take your first step in IT now.



To register, please fill out the information below. It won't take more than 1-2 minutes.

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